Rules of the Institute

All students are required to follow the dress code being stipulated by the institute. Monday to Friday students will have to wear prescribed uniform, except on Wednesday. On Wednesday, and in all other official functions students have to wear blazers (special dress) with tie (for boys only). The dress materials- 2 sets of normal uniform and one set of blazer will be issued from the college office on payment.

As prospective managers, students are expected to be well versed in English communication. English is the official language at international, and national business scenario. As a part of building up this process students are advised to converse with faculty and fellow students in English only. In fact English conversation is compulsory in the campus. Faculty in charge will strictly monitor this and those weak and introverst students will be given special care.

As per the directions of Honourable Supreme Court of India, Government of India, Government of Kerala, UGC, AICTE, and Kannur University, ragging in any form is totally banned in this campus. Freshers are hereby directed that even a simple attempt for ragging or being ragged, the matter must immediately be brought to the attention of any faculty or Director. Attempt to suppress ragging is equally punishable as that of an attempt to ragging. Any attempt or ragging will be viewed with all seriousness. If any student -Senior/Junior- is found violating ragging rules, the matter will be referred to the Police then and there itself.

Our campus is lushgree, serene picturesque and virgin. Students are advised not to bring Eco damage items including plastics in the campus. We aim our campus to be plastic and litter free. Consuming tobacco/liquor in any form is strictly banned in the campus.

All the MBA students are expected to have a laptop of their own. All the students are required to bring laptop for their regular use in the classroom, lab, library and seminar hall.

All regulatory & mandatory bodies insist that students shall not use mobile phone with in the campus. Following these directions, the college imposes ban on the use of mobile phone within the campus. If any student is found violating this rule, he/she shall be severely fined.